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Philippines and Russia Consider Partnering to Produce Trains and Explore Space

Philippines and Russia Consider Partnering to Produce Trains and Explore Space
REUTERS/ Erik De CastroAsia & Pacific09:13 12.11.2017(updated 12:09 12.11.2017) Get short URL11089181

According to a top adviser, Russia is considering teaming up with ASEAN nations such as the Philippines to enhance economic sectors in which Russian technology is highly valued.

MANILA (Sputnik) – Josephine Romero, an adviser at the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Program Chair of ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017, said during a press briefing that «when we were discussing some of the themes with the Russian delegations, some of the themes they mentioned, that could be part of the [Russian] Prime Minister’s [Dmitry Medvedev] message, include connectivity through infrastructure development such as transportation and communication. We know they have one of the most sophisticated train systems in the world. That’s something they’re actively pursuing with the Philippine government.»

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«They [Russia] also mentioned their advanced [space] technology. Different ASEAN member nations are also exploring space technology, something the Russians are very proud to say they’re very advanced. Finally, they mentioned they would like to strengthen relations with ASEAN member nations. We expect the Prime Minister to lay down some of their strategic directions,» Romero said.

​​The 31st ASEAN Summit kicked off on Friday and will finish on November 14. Medvedev will arrive in Manila on Sunday and is expected to take part in a forum focused on infrastructure development at ASEAN Business & Investment Summit 2017 on Monday morning.

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