Closer Than Canada, Bigger Than Norway: The Optimism of UK Brexit Minister

Closer Than Canada, Bigger Than Norway: The Optimism of UK Brexit Minister

Closer Than Canada, Bigger Than Norway: The Optimism of UK Brexit Minister
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Brexit minister David Davis told a conference of business leaders that the UK is prepared for «no deal» with the European Union.

David Davis, the UK’s Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, on Tuesday, November 21, said that, «Reaching a deal with the European Union is not only far and away the most likely outcome, it’s also the best outcome for our country.»

«I don’t think it would in the in the interest for either side for there to be no deal. But as a responsible government it is right that we make every plan for every eventuality,» Mr. Davis said.

Third Country Like No Other

Davis told the conference that there was no interest in either side for there to be no deal, «whatever happens we are leaving the EU.»

«After Brexit, Britain will be a third country like no other. We will act like one too, with the right to negotiation and sign free trade deals. Much closer than Canada, much bigger than Norway and uniquely integrated on everything from energy networks to services,» said Davis. 

And while Davis expressed a small amount of empathy for working MEP’s, he admitted Britain’s «democratic moment» had been «disruptive» for the European Union.

«Brexit is an important democratic moment for the UK but it’s disruptive for the EU.»    

His statements triggered a few reactions on social media, some of them addressing the irony of the Brexit minister tripping a step following his speech. 

Deal or No Deal

The conference, «Deal or No Deal» is organized by Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman of the European Conservatives Reformists Group and has the same name as a popular British TV game show. Meanwhile Davis admitted he is «serious» when he said he sits, «completely on the ‘deal’ side.»

«A good deal means grasping independent trade policy,» Davis said.

The Brexit minister also hinted at having a sense of empathy for British MEP’s working in the European Parliament, suggesting it «cannot be easy being a British MEP in Brussels right now.»


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